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Patients are generally referred to the Palliative Care Service (Service) due to an identified unmet need.  Reasons for referral include where:

  • Identified needs (physical, social, emotional, psychological, cultural or spiritual) exceed the capacity (knowledge, resources, facilities) of the primary care provider.
  • Patient needs exceed the resources of the patient/carer/family.
  • The patient experiences the development of a new problem or an increase in the severity of existing problems, either of which require a change in management or emergency treatment, and/or the family/carers experience a change in their situation requiring intervention by the Service.
  • As appropriate to the needs and wishes of the patient, their carer/s and family discussion and documentation about end of life care could be enhanced by a referral.
  • The patient, family or carer require further emotional/psychological or bereavement support.

The level and complexity of the need, as well as the strengths and limitations of the patient, their carer and family will determine the appropriate level of service response for the patient.

A referral to the Palliative Care Service can be made by the primary care provider, the person with the life-limiting illness, a family member or carer. If the referral is not from a health professional, the Service will validate the referral with the patient's general practitioner or medical specialist prior to accepting the referral.

Patients referred to the Palliative Care Service need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness;
  • Agree to being referred to the Service (or where incapable of agreeing, agreement must be sought from the patient's nominated Person Responsible); and
  • Are generally aware of their diagnosis (this may not be appropriate for special needs patients - special consideration needs to be given to children and young adults, temporarily or permanently incompetent adults and people with special needs related to their cultural beliefs).

A referral to the Palliative Care Service can be made:

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