Health and Wellbeing Calendar

How should I use this?

The Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2020 is a useful planning tool for working in health promoting ways.

The Calendar should be used as a supporting resource for your local community or service health promotion planning. When you have a clear idea from your clients, participants, staff and communities of what the priorities are, the calendar can then be used to help you plan when you begin a program or host an event.

Keep in mind that organising activities and programs often takes more time than originally expected so consider how much time and the resources you have available before committing to regular events.

Don't forget to visit the relevant health and wellbeing websites listed in the calendar where you can access accurate and up to date information about each awareness campaign, as well as relevant information about the health issue you wish to promote.

What's included?

The calendar is made up of international, national and state awareness campaigns, there are many awareness campaigns in existence, this is not an exhaustive list. Items included in the calendar are based on the determinants of health and the Working in Health Promoting Ways Framework, principles or practice, priority areas and health literacy.

This year the calendar has been designed using health literacy principles. How we can improve the way our health systems are set up and how we can communicate as healthcare providers to make it easier for people to find, use and understand information and services. The calendar is a two-sided poster and can be printed in A4 or A3 to make it easier to read.

Contact us

We would appreciate your feedback on the Health and Wellbeing Calendar so please let us know whether the information included and the layout is useful or if you have an event you would like to be included in a future calendar email us

2020 Events




January1 JanuaryQuit Smoking New Year’s Resolution
12 JanuaryInternational Youth Day (UN)
26 JanuaryWorld Leprosy Day
FebruaryFebruaryOvarian Cancer Awareness Month
4 FebruaryWorld Cancer Day
8 FebruaryInternational Ovarian Cancer Day
14 FebruaryNational Wear Red Day
14 FebruaryNational Condom Day
MarchMarchNational Epilepsy Awareness Month
1 MarchClean Up Australia Day
3 MarchWorld Hearing Day
1-8 MarchBike Week Tasmania
1-7 MarchHearing Awareness Week
8 MarchInternational Women’s Day
8-14 MarchWorld Glaucoma Week
12 MarchWorld Kidney Day
13-20 MarchCoeliac Awareness Week
13 MarchWorld Sleep day
13 MarchRide to School Day
16-22 MarchBrain Awareness Week
21 MarchWorld Down Syndrome Day
21 MarchHarmony Day
22 MarchWorld Day for Water
28 MarchEarth Hour
29 MarchNeighbour Day
April1-8 AprilYouth Week Tasmania
2 AprilWorld Autism Awareness Day
11 AprilWorld Parkinson’s Day
16 AprilWorld Voice Day
20-26 AprilWorld Immunisation Week
22 AprilEarth Day
MayMayNational Crohns & Colitis Month
MayPirate Day in May
4-10 MayYellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week
5 MayWorld Hand Hygiene Day
15-21 MayNational Families Week
15 MayNational Walk Safely to School Day
17 MayInternational Day Against Homophobia, Trans & Biphobia
18–24 MayNational Volunteers Week
19-25 MayNational Palliative Care Week
19 MayWorld IBD Day
26 MayNational Sorry Day
27 May-3 JuneNational Reconciliation Week
29 MayWhite Wreath Day
30 MayWorld MS Day
31 MayWorld No Tobacco Day
JuneJuneBowel Cancer Awareness Month
5 JuneWorld Environment Day (UN)
6 JuneWhat matters to you day
8-14 JuneNational Stomal Therapy Week
14 JuneWorld Blood Donor Day
15 JuneWorld Elder Awareness Day
17 JuneRed Apple Day
17-29 JuneWorld Continence Awareness Week
20 JuneWorld Refugee Day (UN)
21 JuneMND Global Day
JulyJulyjulEYE Awareness Month
JulyDry July
5 JulyWorld Asthma Day
5-12 JulyNAIDOC Week
23 JulyInternational #Hellomynameis day
24 JulyStress Down Day
26 July - 2 AugustDonate Life Week
28 JulyWorld Hepatitis Day
31 JulyNational Tree Day (Schools)
AugustAugustTradies National Health Month
1-7 AugustWorld Breastfeeding Week
2-9 AugustNational Healthy Bones Week
3-9 AugustSleep Awareness Week
3-9 AugustDental Health Week
7 AugustJeans for Genes Day
8 AugustDying to Know Day
9 AugustDay of World’s Indigenous Peoples
31 AugustInternational Overdose Awareness Day
31 August – 7 SeptemberNational Stroke Week
TBCBe Medicinewise Week
SeptemberSeptemberDementia Awareness Month
SeptemberProstate Cancer Awareness Month
1-7 SeptemberNational Asthma Week
1-8 SeptemberAdult Learners Week
6-12 SeptemberNational Child Protection Week
7-11 SeptemberWomen's’ Health Week
8 SeptemberInternational Literacy Day
10 SeptemberInternational Gynaecological Awareness Day
10 SeptemberWorld Suicide Prevention Day
21-25 SeptemberHeadache Awareness Week
21 SeptemberWorld Alzheimer’s Day
23 SeptemberInternational Day of Sign Languages
29 SeptemberWorld Heart Day
OctoberOctoberHealth Literacy Month
OctoberSHOCTOBER Defibrillator Month
OctoberWork Safe Tasmania Month
OctoberBreast Cancer Awareness Month
OctoberFoot Health Month
1 OctoberInternational Day of Older Persons
6 OctoberWorld Cerebral Palsy Day
8 OctoberWorld Sight day
10 OctoberWorld Mental Health Day
10 OctoberNational Hat Day
12 OctoberWorld Arthritis Day
13-19 OctoberAnti Poverty Week
13-19 OctoberNational Carers Week
15 OctoberPregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance
16 OctoberWorld Food Day
18-24 OctoberInternational Infection Prevention Week
20 OctoberWorld Osteoporosis Day
23 OctoberDrop the Jargon Day
24 October-1 NovemberChildren’s Week
26 OctoberBlue Knot Day
NovemberNovemberNICU Awareness Month
NovemberLung Cancer Awareness Month
12 NovemberWorld Pneumonia Day
14-21 NovemberAustralian Food Safety Week
14 NovemberWorld Diabetes Day
14 NovemberGenetic Counsellor Awareness Day
16 NovemberInternational Day for Tolerance
17 NovemberWorld Prematurity Day
19 NovemberInternational Men’s Day
20 NovemberUniversal Children’s Day (UN)
December1 DecemberWorld AIDS Day
3 DecemberInternational Day of People with Disability
5 DecemberInternational Volunteers Day
10 DecemberHuman Rights Day
18 DecemberInternational Migrants Day (UN)

Developed by Public Health Services, December 2019 Please provide feedback at Calendar is a Working in Health Promoting Ways resource. Find out more about Working in Health Promoting Ways at

As each organisation may have made changes to event details since this resource was produced please refer directly to each website for up to date information.