Alcohol and Drug Services

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The Tasmanian Alcohol and Drug Service offers a range of information, education, treatment and community-based supports for Tasmanians affected by alcohol and drug use.

Our services are free, voluntary and confidential.

How to access our services

To access services we require an Intake and Referral form to be completed.

Download a printable Word version: Alcohol and Drug Service Intake and Referral Form

  • This form is for referral to the Alcohol and Drug Service and provides information to the service about the person being referred.
  • Please print only from original file (once printed do not photocopy the form).
  • With the consent of the person being referred, this form can be filled in by anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, the person being referred, a family member, friend, partner, general practitioner or support worker.
  • The person who is being referred to the Alcohol and Drug Service must give their consent for the referral to occur, and the consent section must be completed on the form.
  • Alcohol and Drug Services will contact the person being referred for additional information and to discuss treatment options.
  • Fax or email the completed form to Alcohol and Drug Services, contact details are at the top of the form.

For any queries please call Statewide Alcohol and Drug Service, phone 1300 139 641.