Giving children a healthy start sets them up for life!  Here you will find key information about eating and physical activity for raising healthy Tasmanian kids.

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Healthy Kids Resources

Start Them Right- A parent's guide to eating for under 5s
An easy read guide on how and what to feed your child from birth to five years.

The Being Active Matters booklet
Parent's guide to movement in the early years with practical and fun activity ideas.

Health on the Shelf
A selection of story books for children from Libraries Tasmania about food, culture and living well which you can borrow for free.

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Healthy Kids Partners

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Tasmanian School Canteen Association inc. Helping keep Tassie Kids Healthy

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Latest News

  • Keep an Eye on Kids on Hot Days 13 Jan 2020

    Warm summer days can mean a chance to head outdoors and play. On very hot days, however, children need some extra care. Children don’t always know when they are getting too hot. This can be because they are having fun and distracted. But the main reason is their body systems that help them regulate heat aren’t fully developed. On very hot days, children can get dehydrated quickly. This puts them at risk of heat illness. Read more

  • How to Clean Water Bottles 15 Jan 2020

    Did you know it is recommended that water bottles are washed as often as you wash your drinking cups and glasses? If you don't, they can become smelly and mouldy so, keeping your family's water bottles clean and stored correctly is important. Take a look at your families water bottles… maybe they’re ready for a bit of a clean! Read here to find out how

  • Why Pregnancy is Not an Open Invitation to Comment on Bodies 21 Nov 2019

    It is common for a pregnant body to draw attention and comments. Comments can come from friends and family, coworkers and even strangers. While most people are well meaning with their comments they can make some pregnant women uncomfortable. For some women it feeds into concerns they may have about their baby’s growth, or their own body shape or size. Research has also found a link between feeling unhappy with your body and post-natal depression. So, it’s important to look after your body image and mental health throughout your pregnancy - just like you would look after your physical health. Read more

  • Summer BBQ Inspiration 13 Dec 2019

    Summer is coming and that means BBQ weather. Have you been asked to bring a plate and/or meat to share at a family or social event? For ideas and inspiration read more

  • Outdoor Play and Learning Ideas 14 Jan 2020

    Did you know outdoor learning and play helps children grow healthy and strong? Outdoor play engages children with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature, teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity and it is fun. Read more

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