Check In Tas - Register your business


The Check In Tas app is a contactless, secure and convenient way for customers to sign into a Tasmanian venue.

The app helps protect the community by assisting with faster contact tracing. The app enables individuals to check-in to venues and have this data stored securely with the Tasmanian Department of Health in the event contact tracing is needed due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the community.

Use of the app will help authorised Department of Health staff involved in contact tracing quickly identify and assist anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 in that location.

During the COVID-19 public health emergency specific businesses and undertakings are required by law (see Schedule 1 & 2) to ask for the first name, phone number, date and time for people or groups of people who attend their venue for longer than 15 minutes. Use of this app enables businesses to comply with these laws.

Information for businesses, venues and facilities

The Check-In Tas App enables Tasmanian venue operators and event organisers to easily comply with these Directions by enabling customers to self-check-in at venues and have their information directly stored with the Tasmanian Department of Health for contact tracing (if required).

From 26 November 2020, businesses and locations operators can register to receive a Check In Tas QR code.  The Check In Tas App will become available for the public to download on 1 December 2020.  Until then businesses will need to continue to use existing methods to record patron details.

Register your business to use the Check In Tas App

Registering for the check in Tas app is easy via the online form.

Once registered, a QR Code and a business starter kit (including QR Code posters) will be provided for the venue.

If any of your customers are not able to or choose not to use the Check-In Tas app, you must ensure you have an alternative check in method available to use, such as paper-based collection.  Please ensure that you protect the privacy of customers using pen and paper.

If a customer is using the Check In Tas app, on arrival you may ask them to show your staff a successful check in app screen for that venue.

For more information, download the FAQs Factsheet.

QR codes for businesses and event operators

QR code posters are required for all venues and events using the app to enable customers to log their attendance at the venue or location. A different QR code is provided for each location in Tasmania and the QR code issued by Check In Tas can only be used by customers that have downloaded the Check In Tas App.

How your customers will use the Check In Tas App

When a customer arrives at your venue, they hover their smartphone camera over your displayed QR code.

Venue staff may ask customers show them a successful Check In Tas app screen.

The smartphone will read the code and the customers data will be securely stored by the Tasmanian Department of Health, and not accessed unless required for contact tracing at the venue.

Displaying your QR code poster

Display the QR code at the entrance of your venue or other convenient locations so customers can access it easily. You may want to have a staff member nearby who can assist customers and confirm they have checked in.

Print your posters in A4, in colour, and display in multiple accessible locations.

Privacy information

The information collected using the QR code for your venue will be held in the Tasmanian Department of Health's secure AZURE Cloud for the purpose of contact tracing and the management of QR codes during the COVID-19 pandemic response. The Public Health Directions are available on the Tasmanian Government COVID-19 website and accessible within the app.

This information will be collected for the purposes of –

  • the management, detection, notification, treatment or prevention of the spread of COVID-19
  • managing a threat to public health, or a likely threat to public health, as a result of the COVID-19
  • ensuring compliance with, and enforcing, the Public Health Act 1997

The information must not be used, or disclosed, other than as authorised under the Public Health Act 1997.

FAQs for businesses

Printable version of FAQs for businesses

Why should I register to use the Check in TAS app?

  • Venues using the app don’t need to manually collect information and don’t need to store that information for customers that use the QR code.
  • Check in TAS data goes directly to the Tasmanian Department of Health.
  • The registration and use of the app are free of charge.
  • Use of the app is not mandatory, however it assists in the timely delivery of contact details to authorised Department of Health staff involved in contact tracing.

What if my customers do not want to use the QR code?

  • Venues will need to offer other (for example, pen and paper) options for maintaining a register of customers attending their venue for those customers not wanting to use the Check in TAS app or other QR code systems.
  • Venues should ensure they take steps to protect the privacy of patron information if using pen and paper.
  • Other digital systems including existing venue client booking systems, which collect the mandated customer tracing information can be used.

I have multiple businesses; do I need to set up multiple codes or can I use one for all of them?

  • Each QR code is assigned to a physical address so each location/venue of a business will require a separate registration and QR code.

When can I register my business for a QR code?

  • Registration is now open and will be prioritised to mandated venues and businesses.

When can customers use my Check in TAS QR code?

  • The app will be available for customers to download from the Apple and Google app stores from 1 December 2020.

What are my responsibilities with customer information?

  • The data collected goes directly to the Tasmanian Department of Health’s secure AZURE cloud.
  • You won’t be collecting the customer information for those using the app, it is already contained in the customer's app and stored for the location when the QR code is scanned.

How long will my customers' details be stored with my business?

  • The data collected goes directly to the Tasmanian Department of Health's secure AZURE cloud and will only be accessed by authorised Department of Health staff involved in contact tracing, if required.
  • After 28 days the customer data is automatically deleted.

What if my customers experience errors using my QR code?

  • If the QR code doesn't scan, the six-digit number located on the QR code poster at your venue can be entered manually into the app instead.  If there are still problems, you will need to manually register the customer details.

Do I still need a COVID Safety Plan if I have the QR code for Customers?

  • Yes, you are still required to have a COVID Safety Plan as maintaining a register of customers is only one aspect of the Plan.

I don't have a COVID Safety Plan, where should I start?

I'm having issues with my venue code, who do I contact?

  • The Check In Tas app is supported by the Public Health team at the Tasmanian Department of Health. For assistance please phone Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738 or email