General information

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General information

Find out more about birth and parenting

Some ways to find out more information about birth and parenting are:

  • Book-in and attend Antenatal Classes.
  • Ask questions at your antenatal visits.
  • Browse book shops and libraries for childbirth/parenting books that interest you.

Parenting websites:

Your rights

Rights and responsibilities - what you should know as a patient

Your rights are:

  • To receive free public hospital services as a public patient;
  • To receive treatment on the basis of your health needs, regardless of your financial or health insurance status;
  • To have access to public hospital services regardless of where you live in Australia;
  • To be treated with respect, compassion and consideration of privacy which takes into account your background, needs and wishes;
  • To participate fully in the decisions about your care including admission, discharge and arrangements for continuing care;
  • To be given a clear explanation of the proposed treatment including risk and alternatives, before you decide whether you will agree to the treatment;
  • To seek a second medical opinion;
  • To give your informed consent (except in exceptional circumstances) before a procedure  is carried out, including consent to participation in under- graduate health professional teaching or medical research;
  • To withdraw your consent or refuse further treatment;
  • To have access to information contained in your medical record;
  • To expect that information about your hospital care will be confidential unless the law allows otherwise;
  • To receive interpreter services if you are experiencing difficulty communicating with  staff; and
  • To commend health workers, to complain about your health care and/ or to be advised of the procedure for expressing concern about your care.

Your responsibilities

There are a number of things that you can do to help health workers provide better care for you. You should:

  • Provide information that enables health care professionals to give you appropriate care and advice;
  • Treat seriously any decision made in partnership with a health professional regarding your treatment;
  • Comply with your prescribed treatment or tell your health care professional of your intention not to do so; and
  • Conduct yourself in an appropriate way so as not to interfere with the well- being or rights of other patients or staff.

Patient medical records

You have the right to ask to see information about you retained by the THS, in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009. A fee may be incurred if you require copies. Confidentiality of your records is required under  the Privacy Act 1988.  Confidential information including treatment details will not be released without your consent.

Open Disclosure

All THS hospitals respect this right, and are committed to improving the safety and quality of care we deliver. That’s why we have a policy of open disclosure for when things go wrong with the care we provide. Open disclosure assists patients when they are unintentionally harmed by their health care.

For further information visit the Australian Commission  on Safety and Quality in Health Care website


Any behaviour which disrupts the ability of our  staff to fulfil their duty of care to patients will not be tolerated. It is also our right to be safe at work.

Should you, or your visitors, display such behaviour you/they may be asked to leave.

Consumer  Liaison Feedback

If you are worried  about anything to do with your hospital experience please feel free to let us know. By providing us with your valuable feedback we have the opportunity to continually improve the service we provide.

Inpatient Experience Survey

The THS also provides the opportunity for feedback through an inpatient experience survey available at your hospital.

Everyone  has the right to feel safe and be safe

STOP FAMILY VIOLENCE It is a crime and help is available! Police Emergency for urgent help or reporting                000

Court Support & Liaison Service

For victims of family violence to access and understand the legal system Freecall 1300 663 773

Family Violence Response & Referral Line: Freecall  1800 633 937

Crisis Counselling:   Freecall 1800 608 122

Court Support & Liaison Service For victims of family violence to access & understand the legal system:    Freecall 1300  663 773

Emergency Shelters 24 hour Services - Women & Children


Magnolia Place Womens Shelter:           (03) 6344 5322

Karinya Young Womens shelter:             (03) 6331 0774

Yemaya Womens Support Service:         (03) 6334 0305

Karinya Young Mums & Bubs Support     (03) 63 34 8403
Weekdays 9am - 5pm

Launceston - Laurel House  Sexual Assault Support Service                
(03) 6334 2740
State-wide                        1800 697 877

North West

Warawee Women’s Shelter (women and women with children):            (03) 6425 1382

Oakleigh House (men, women and families)         (03) 6431 5791

Youth, Family and Community  Connections - Burnie Youth Accommodation Services (male and female 13-20 years) (03) 6431 9230

Youth, Family and Community  Connections - Youth Crisis Accommodation  Service (male and female 13-20 years):  (03) 6424 7375

Wyndarra Centre Inc.:      (03) 6452 1981

West Coast Crisis Accommodation and Referral Service:            (03) 6471 4748 or 0409 197 031

Strong Families, Safe Kids advice and Referral Line  1800 000 123
All calls are treated in the strictest of confidence; if preferable you do not have to provide your name.
You can also speak with one of our Social Workers whilst accessing care at any stage.


Medical and Maternity staff at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Policy and Procedure Manuals at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Launceston General Hospital and North West Integrated Maternity Services (THS and NWPH)

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Thank you to our Tasmanian families who have shared their beautiful photos with us.

Thank you to our wonderful parents for allowing the THS to share part of their journey to parenthood.


To provide feedback about your hospital visit, contact the hospital using the information below or complete the Department of Health's online feedback form

Hospital Email / FormTelephone
Launceston General Hospital
LGH Consumer Feedback Form
1800 008 001
Royal Hobart Hospital (03) 1800 811 911
North West Regional Hospital and Mersey Community Hospital 1800 062 322

A final word

We at THS Maternity Services wish your family all the best for a healthy future. If you have any questions, or suggestions for improving the services we provide, including this website, please discuss with your Midwife.

You are invited to also complete a feedback form, which can be provided for you in your area.