GP Contact List: THS- SR Medical Outpatient Clinics

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Medical Outpatient Clinic

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GP Contact List for Medical Outpatient Clinics

The list below shows clinicians who see medical outpatients.




Name or Role


6166 0000

Wellington Clinic Investigations: Cardiology including ECG, Pacemaker, Holter Monitor, Ambulatory BP, Event Monitor
6166 0064 and 6166 0061

RHH investigations: Echocardiogram , Stress tests (Exercise Test) and Stress Echo
6166 8620

6234 3982

Wellington Clinic Investigations:
6231 0101

RHH investigations:
6234 2852

Dr Paul MacIntyre

Dr Luke Galligan

Dr Nathan Dwyer

Dr Andrew Black

Dr Philip Roberts-Thomson

Dr Robert McFadyen

Dr Jonathon Lipton

Dr David Russell

Dr Heath Adams

Dr Jonathon Kalman

Dr Thomas Marwick

Dr Kazuaki Negishi


6166 0000

6234 9941Dr Andrew Jevtic


6166 00006234 3908

Professor John Burgess

Dr Anne Duffield

Dr Sally Abell

Dr Roland McCallum

Diabetes Educators

Endocrinology  6166 00006234 3908

Professor John Burgess

Dr Anne Duffield

Dr Linda Hoffman

Dr Roland McCallum

Dr Sandi Powell

Endocrine Neoplasia  Professor John Burgess 
Dr Louise Prentice

6166 0000

6234 3982

Professor John Burgess

Dr Linda Hoffman

Dr Georgina Stilwell

Dr Sally Abell

Thyroid Neoplasia  

Professor John Burgess

Dr Georgina Stilwell

Dr Sally Abell

Gastroenterology inc scopes


6166 0000

6234 3982

Dr Jarrad Wilson

Dr Chris Middleton

Dr Mark Wilson

Dr Shan Kannuthurai

Dr Yee Kwang

Dr Anil Bhagwat

Dr Ben McCulloch - no clinic, procedures only

Dr William Osler - no clinic, procedures only

Gastroenterology Registrar

Hepatology  /Viral Hepatitis
- Hepatitis B & C
- Gastroenterology 

6166 0000

6234 3982 

Dr Mark Wilson

Gastroenterology Registrar

Hepatology Nurses

Endoscopy Liaison Nurse

General Medical       

6166 0000

6234 3982

Dr Natalie Martin

Dr Richard Yu

Dr Omar Wahbi-Izzetin

Dr Mark Campbell

Oncology6166 6637

- 6173 0484

- 6173 0484

- 6173 0405

Medical Oncology

  • Dr David Boadle
  • Dr Rebecca Tay
  • Dr Mel Wutte
  • Dr Alison Black
  • Dr Rosemary Young
  • Dr Louise Nott
  • Dr Ian Byard


  • Dr Nick Murphy - Leave
  • Dr Rosie Harrup
  • Dr Anna Hutchinson
  • Dr Anna Johnston
  • Dr Tracey Batt

Oncology Registrar

Clinical Trial Registrar

Infectious Diseases - general  6166 00006234 3982

Dr Alison Ratcliff

Dr Louise Cooley

Dr Alistair McGregor

Dr Tara Anderson

Dr Peter Leung

Dr Sanchia Warren

Infectious Diseases Registrar

Refugee and Humanitarian Arrivals Clinic 6166 00006234 3982

Dr Alison Ratcliff

Clinical Nurse Consultant - Lou Leol

Respiratory / TB6166 0000

6234 3982

Urgent referrals
and suspected TB 6173 0462

Dr Alison Ratcliff

Dr David Stock

Jack Jumper Allergy 6166 75996173 0326

Dr Malcolm Turner

Dr Simon Brown

Dr Wun Yee Lau

Dr Josie Larby


6166 0000

Neurophysiology referrals: NCS/EMG/EEG are sent to the Neurology Department
Fax: 6173 0292

No formal clinical opinion will be provided during the NCS/EMG session

Neurologist referrals are sent to the Outpatient Clinic Fax: 6173 0291

Dr Michael Dreyer

Professor Bruce Taylor

Dr Dean Jones

Dr Helen Castley

Dr Lucie Aldous

Dr Sarah Hewer (Parkinson's Clinic - on leave)

Dr Dale Sebire

Dr Jennifer MacIntyre

Persistent Pain Service

Location: 70 Collins Street, Hobart

6166 26006173 0457

Dr Hilton Francis – Director

Dr Cameron Gourlay – Staff Specialist / Supervisor of Training

Dr Gajinder Oberoi – Staff Specialist

Dr Philip Reid - Psychiatrist

Dr Michael Thomas

Dr Gurbir Kaur

Dr Nina Loughman

Specialist Nurses



Registrars In Training

Palliative Care       6166 28206173 0303

Professor Michael Ashby

Dr  Carmen Halton

Dr Robyn Thomas (Director)

Dr Christine Edwards

Dr Guy Bannick

Palliative Care Registrar

Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners including community care.

Renal – all referrals        

6166 0000

Other services:
Nephrology South
Karingal Renal Education Centre
6166 5400

6234 3982

Dr Matthew Jose

Dr Steven Yew

Dr Geoff Kirkland

Dr Lisa Jeffs

Dr Richard Yu

Renal Registrar

Dietician, Social workerTransplant and CKD nurses

Respiratory, including  rapid access for lung cancer.


General Respiratory clinics and bookings for Lung function testing:
6166 0000

Lung Function Unit Technician only:
6166 0042

6234 3982

Urgent referrals
and suspected TB 6173 0462

Dr Nicholas Harkness

Dr Rob Hewer

Dr Emma Ball

Dr David Stock (also sees Adult Cystic Fibrosis patients)

Dr Gaurie Palnitkar

Respiratory Registrar

Respiratory NurseTuberculous Nurse

Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist


6166 00006234 3982

Dr Deb Speden

Dr Hilton Francis

Dr Malcolm Turner

Dr Serena Parker

Scleroderma Clinic 6166 0000 6234 3982

Dr Helen Cooley

Rheumatology Registrar

Spinal Assessment Clinic 6166 0000 6234 3982

Dr Deb Speden


Inflammatory Spinal Clinic   6166 0000 6234 3982

Dr Helen Cooley

Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner


Last updated: 6 May 2020