Community Relations Unit

Royal Hobart Hospital

The Community Relations Unit (CRU) coordinates public relations including event management, communications activities (internal, external and online), media, ministerial and parliamentary liaison, liaison with southern fundraising auxiliaries, management of volunteer services as well as a central co-ordination point for donations and bequests, fundraising and sponsorship.

Photography, filming and recording at the Royal Hobart Hospital

Any photograph or video taken must be only used for personal reasons. Any photograph or video taken for any professional reason (including, but not limited to, for the media, for promotional reasons, or which has the potential to be reposted or shared by any professional social media account) must be approved by the RHH’s Media Manager on (03) 6166 8037.

Family or friends sometimes take photos or videos of patients during their hospital stay. What should I consider before taking a photo or video at the Royal?

  • Is your family or friend able to consent to having their photo taken? If no, we recommend you ask permission from their Next of Kin (NOK), who should consider the patient’s rights and wishes.
  • Staff members are unable to provide consent on behalf of patients - only the NOK or Guardian is able to do this.
  • Any photography or videography should not interfere with the patient’s clinical care. Please cease photographing or filming if requested to do so.
  • Please take care that hospital staff and other patients aren’t accidentally captured.
  • Photographing or videoing staff or other patients, or the recording of conversations, is not permitted without consent.
  • Photographing medical records, including x-rays etc is not permitted. Please talk to your treating clinician or visit the Department of Health accessing person information webpage for information about how to obtain copies of your medical record.
  • Recording medical consultations is not permitted without the approval of your treating team

The conditions above also apply to professional photographers and all media wishing to take photographs, film or record anywhere within the Royal Hobart Hospital for non-personal use. In addition, professional photographers and media must first discuss their request, and obtain permission from, the Media Manager on (03) 6166 8037.

To respect and protect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, if permission is provided to film, photograph or record, all media and film crews must be accompanied on site by a member of the community relations team at all times.


The Royal Hobart Hospital is extremely grateful to receive donations or gifts from the public. As a health service, we are guided by strict infection control policies and safety considerations which may prevent us from distributing certain types of gifts. All soft or fluffy toys, wooden items, games or other donated items to the Hospital must be new, never used items. All donations are assessed for their safety and appropriateness.

Communications activities also include editing and development of patient information brochures/literature, development of communication strategies (including brand creation), all levels of community engagement including support to the Consumer Reference Advisory Group and all interaction with advocacy groups.

If you need any advice or information about these issues, contact the CRU by email or via telephone
(03) 6166 8846.