Giving children a healthy start sets them up for life!  Here you will find key information about eating and physical activity for raising healthy Tasmanian kids.

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Healthy Kids Resources

Start Them Right- A parent's guide to eating for under 5s
An easy read guide on how and what to feed your child from birth to five years.

The Being Active Matters booklet
Parent's guide to movement in the early years with practical and fun activity ideas.

Health on the Shelf
A selection of story books for children from Libraries Tasmania about food, culture and living well which you can borrow for free.

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Healthy Kids Partners

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Tasmanian School Canteen Association inc. Helping keep Tassie Kids Healthy

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Latest News

  • Why Children Need Risky Play 23 Oct 2019

    We all want the best for our children. This includes keeping them safe while they play. Falls and running into people and things are the top reasons for a child going to hospital. We know play is how children develop and learn. How do we get the balance right between being safe and allowing risk? Read more

  • Fitness Trackers Helpful or Harmful 20 Feb 2020

    Thinking about getting your child a fitness tracker device for Christmas? You may want to read this first

  • Body Changes in Pregnancy 11 Nov 2019

    Have you noticed how a pregnant body becomes a focus of attention? While some women feel really good about how their body grows and changes during pregnancy, for others it can be a challenge or anywhere in between. This is all normal. However, it’s good to be aware that research has found a link between feeling unhappy with your body and post-natal depression. Pregnancy can also be a time of getting unwanted or unexpected body comments – including from strangers. While there’s no stopping what that random stranger at the supermarket has to say about your bump (or any part of your body), there are things we can all do to improve the way we feel about our body - pregnant or not. Read more

  • Take a Different Approach to Celebrate Halloween 14 Oct 2019

    Halloween has become a great activity to get out as a family and walk around your local community to trick or treat. But do you ever feel like the focus is just on the sweets and treat foods? Want something new to try as a family? Keep reading

  • Non Dairy Milks - How they Compare 04 Oct 2019

    Have you considered swapping to non dairy milks? Or does your child need a non-dairy milk because of a food allergy or intolerance? The number of different non dairy milks on the market is increasing. However it is not a simple swap from dairy to non dairy milk. Here we check out some non dairy milks on the market and look at what you might need to consider if any of these are a regular part of what you and your child eats and drinks. Read more