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  • Why Social Connections are Important for Young People 10 Jul 2020

    Healthy social connections help us all have a sense of wellbeing, and young people are no exception to this. Having positive relationships with people like family members, friends and schoolmates lowers anxiety and depression. It also raises self-esteem. Feeling supported has a powerful impact on health generally. It’s linked to increased quality of life and a longer life span. Read more about healthy social connections

  • Sleep and Teens 10 Jul 2020

    Studies show that young people are not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep affects us negatively, both physically and mentally. It can make our lives more difficult, and this is also true for young people. Read more to find out how to help your teenager sleep better.more

  • Self Talk and Teens Explained 08 Jul 2020

    Self-talk describes the way the voice inside your mind talks to you and what it says. Self-talk is important; it affects how you think and feel about the world and yourself. This contributes to your self-esteem and how confident you feel when facing challenges. When you get caught in a routine of negative self-talk it’s easy to start feeling down. If you were already feeling down to begin with, chronic negative self-talk can make it harder to feel better and make positive changes in your life. Read more about self-talk

  • Self Care is Important for Everyone, Including Teenagers 08 Jul 2020

    We know self-care is important for everyone, including your teenager. It is doing any activity you enjoy that makes you feel happy and recharged. Self-care is caring for ourselves. Many young people will turn to their friends first when they are having troubles. It is hard for your child to support their friends the way they want to, if they themselves feel tired, rundown and overwhelmed. Read about ways to support your teenager.

  • School and Stress 08 Jul 2020

    We know school stress can have a negative impact on a teenager’s health and wellbeing. A survey by ReachOut (2018) found that two-thirds of young Australians experienced “worrying levels” of exam stress. Students were concerned about their future, including finding a job in a changing workforce. Read more about school and stress

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