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  • Help! I Think my Child has Eczema. 21 Feb 2020

    Eczema is a common skin condition and may begin in infancy or early childhood.

  • Let's Talk About Children in Bigger Bodies 18 Feb 2020

    “I am worried about my child’s weight gain? I do not want them teased or to miss out because they have a bigger body” Parent

    This is a common concern and often a reason for parents to seek out help for their child and their weight. It can become a tricky path to take. Find out more

  • Why I Cook for Me and Not My Kids 14 Feb 2020

    One way children learn about food and eating is from you. So how does this work if you are preparing family meals based just on the limited foods that suit your child? Read more to find out how

  • Finding Your Family's Sweet Spot 18 Feb 2020

    “I often feel like a bad parent when I give my children lollies. I hear it’s okay to give them sometimes but what does that mean?” Parent

    ‘Healthy eating’ can and does mean eating and enjoying a variety of foods. This can include foods that are lower in nutrition but are delicious and fun. Yes, this means you can include foods like chocolates, sweets, pastries and cakes sometimes. How often you include these foods is up to you. Find out how

  • Keep an Eye on Kids on Hot Days 13 Jan 2020

    Warm summer days can mean a chance to head outdoors and play. On very hot days, however, children need some extra care. Children don’t always know when they are getting too hot. This can be because they are having fun and distracted. But the main reason is their body systems that help them regulate heat aren’t fully developed. On very hot days, children can get dehydrated quickly. This puts them at risk of heat illness. Read more

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