Giving children a healthy start sets them up for life!  Here you will find key information about eating and physical activity for raising healthy Tasmanian kids.

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Healthy Kids Resources

Start Them Right- A parent's guide to eating for under 5s
An easy read guide on how and what to feed your child from birth to five years.

The Being Active Matters booklet
Parent's guide to movement in the early years with practical and fun activity ideas.

Health on the Shelf
A selection of story books for children from Libraries Tasmania about food, culture and living well which you can borrow for free.

Healthy Kids Partners

Link to the Healthy Tasmania portal

Link to Move Well Eat Well website

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Latest News

  • How to be Active with your Family Everyday 15 Jan 2019

    The beginning of the school year is a great time to start new routines. With the warmer weather and longer days, it is easier for you and your family to get active. Getting into the habit of being active every day will make it simpler as the year progresses (and the weather gets colder!). Read more

  • Give the Gift of Enjoying Food this Festive Season 05 Mar 2019

    The festive season is filled with family, fun and food – yay, you say! As a parent, you’re not alone if all the party food on offer this time of year makes you feel just a little uneasy. Here are three tips to help your family have a positive relationship with food. Read more about the joy of eating

  • Keeping Cool While Pregnant 11 Dec 2018

    If you are pregnant it is important to take extra care in hot weather. During pregnancy body temperature can rise. This makes pregnant women uncomfortable in hot weather and could be harmful. As the weather starts to heat up, here are some tips to help guide you on how to cope on warmer days. Read more

  • Sleep Tips for Children 02 Jan 2019

    Getting enough sleep is as important for your child as eating well and being active. Having a good sleep every night makes your child happier. It also helps them to concentrate and improves their behaviour. When your child sleeps well - you get a better night's sleep as well. Read more to find out how much sleep do children need

  • 10 Bring a Plate Ideas for this Festive Season 14 Dec 2018

    End of the year events often call for parents to ‘bring a plate’, whether it’s for school, childcare or sport. You don’t need to go to a lot of trouble or expense. Simply presenting the food in a fun and festive way can make it all that more appealing. Sometimes it gives children a chance to try new foods. Always offer water to drink. Read more for party food ideas for the festive season