General Practice Liaison Officers (GPLO)

Tasmania's 'Delivering Safe and Sustainable Clinical Services White Paper' states that the primary health sector in urban and rural/regional settings can be significantly strengthened through:

  • the upskilling of local clinicians, especially in areas of high demand, high workforce shortage, and high impact such as endocrinology, cardiology, neurology and paediatrics
  • innovative workforce roles, e.g. extended care paramedics, rural medical generalists, and nurses with expanded scope of practice
  • better utilisation of local pharmacy expertise e.g. for medication management, triage, and minor ailments
  • increasing the utilisation of e-health, especially video consultations, to reduce waiting times
  • building clinical networks between GPs and specialist services

Working together to help achieve these goals, all regions of the State have appointed GPLOs who are experienced GPs and are tasked with improving communication between the acute/sub-acute services and the community. The aim of the service is to smooth the patient's journey across the various sectors of health care. The General Practice and Primary Care Unit helps coordinate consultation and collaboration across Tasmania's GPLO resources to ensure a statewide perspective and consistency focus to ensure patients have homogeneous access to services.

General Practice Liaison Officer - South

General Practice Liaison Officer - North