The GP and Primary Care Unit

Department of Economic Development records officer Heather Kearney. Image depicts Heather working at a computer and accepting a hardcopy file.The GP and Primary Care team comprises of the Department of Health  (DOH) Clinical, Quality Regulation and Accreditation (CQRA) staff working collaboratively in the interest of general practice and primary care.

The functions of the Unit include:

  • Relationship management and stakeholder collaboration
  • Policy development
  • Service development and innovation
  • Workforce development
  • Rural safety and quality

The GP and Primary Care team actively works with commitment and passion to reach its goals and priorities.

How the GP and Primary Care team works:

  • Quality and safety advice
  • GP communication and collaboration through appropriate forums
  • Policy development, implementation, evaluation and review
  • Clinical advice
  • Innovative service development
  • Support for external review processes
  • Provide advice, support and information to GP stakeholders
  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Centre for Antarctic, Remote and Maritime Medicine (CARMM) Memorandum of Understanding
  • GP and DOH interface and liaison
  • Participation and management in general practice advisory forums.
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with all GP stakeholder agencies