Community Nursing Enhanced Connections Service (CoNECs) Department Avoidance

The Community Nursing Enhanced Connections Service (CoNECs) provides enhanced access from hospital Emergency Departments (ED) to Community Nursing Services. It is a non-admitted alternative for the provision of clinical care, following ED presentation, assessment and initial treatment.

The CoNECs pathway provides a person-centred, coordinated approach to the provision of clinical care following ED presentation, which aims to maximise both patient and organisational outcomes across the care continuum.

The targeted types of clinical care predominately include ongoing wound care, suture removal, circulation checks, anti-thrombolytic therapy and intravenous antibiotic therapy.

All referrals are responded to within 24 hours, and patients are seen within 24 hours of referral as required.

Services are provided 7 days a week, 365 days a year. CoNECs care is predominately provided in the Community Nursing Clinic, however, people unable to attend the Community Nursing Clinic due to their clinical condition, may be seen within their usual place of residence, including home, supported accommodation, or residential facility in consultation with that facility.