General Practice and Primary Care

The role of the General Practice and Primary Care Unit is to improve communication and collaboration across the interface between Department of Health and General Practitioners, to develop and support innovative solutions which provide alternatives to inpatient and hospital care.

This site also contains information required by General Practitioners who work in Tasmanian Health Service rural facilities and links relevant to working in general practice and primary health in Tasmania.

Our mission is to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time by the most appropriately trained health care professionals.

A Great Focus on Primary Care

With the pressure on the hospital system increasing over time, it is important that we develop and fully utilise the primary health system where it is appropriate to safely manage illness in our community.

Our unit works closely with Primary Health Tasmania which is working to drive improvements in primary health care and ensure that appropriate primary health care services are available to meet the needs of local communities.

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are required to be locally responsive and be able to demonstrate how they will connect to local communities and respond to local health needs. For further information, please visit Primary Health Tasmania.

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Image: S. Brake 2014