Minister's Disability Advisory Committee (MDAC)


Disability Framework for Action 2018-2020

Minister's Disability Advisory Committee Brochure

The Minister's Disability Advisory Committee (MDAC) was established in February 2007 to provide independent advice directly to the Minister of Human Services on a range of issues affecting Tasmanians with disability, their families and carers.

It has a particular focus on specialist disability services delivered through community sector organisations but is also able to pass on advice about other issues to the Premier's Disability Advisory Council (PDAC). The Premier's Council works with all the Tasmanian Government Departments to promote the inclusion and participation of people with disability in community life.

Membership of MDAC, the Minister's Committee, is balanced in terms of regional and gender representation and includes people with disability, family members of people with disability, carers and disability service providers.

MDAC meets four times per year and also holds regional community forums to engage with people concerned with disability. This ensures that advice given to the Minister reflects the experience and views of people with disability, their families and carers on issues that concern them in regards to specialist disability services.

More information about the Minister's Disability Advisory Committee can be obtained by calling the Secretariat on 03 6166 3692

or by email at