Adele Close reflects on her Student Midwife experience

Student profileAdele Close

Adele Close reflects on her Student Midwife experience

Adele Close is currently a post graduate student enrolled in a Bachelor of Midwifery, University of Southern Queensland.

Below are Adele’s reflections in full, to a recent question and answer session with the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer.

Q. You are currently in your first year of your BMID with USQ can you tell us a bit about the other work you do (it's been mentioned you do a home business?)

I currently work 10-15 hours a week running a small graphic design business. This fits in well with my study and family life. I also do the odd registered nurse shift to keep my skills up to date and keep myself in the nursing zone.

Q. Can you tell us briefly about your nursing background prior to enrolling in the BMID?

I graduated from nursing at the beginning of 2016 and did a 12 month grad program through Calvary Lenah Valley. I worked on the medical and surgical wards and this helped me to consolidate my nursing skills, with the intention of becoming a midwife.

Q. What sparked your interest in becoming a midwife and how did you hear about the USQ course for 2017?

After 12 years in the graphic design/advertising field, and after having my own children, I decided to embark on a shift in my career and become a midwife. I intend on maintaining both vocations and am looking forward to the balance and variety of what both careers offer. The USQ course came highly recommended by the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer.

Q. Was the process of enrolling in the USQ course easy? Any tips hear for future applicants?

We had quite a quick turnaround in our application process, but I remember the process being smooth and easy. My advice to future applicants would be to not leave things until the last minute and get your immunisations, police checks and basic life support certificates ready with plenty of time to spare.

Q. You have been to two residential schools in QLD, what have been the best parts of the residential schools?

We have learnt so much at residential school! You learn more than you can possibly imagine in three days. I have loved being a part of a small cohort of students and the comradeship of the other students has been invaluable.

Q. On the local level how have you found the professional support for the USQ course?

We have the most amazing Midwifery Educator here in Hobart (Yvette). She is supportive, available, understanding, passionate, knowledgeable and hilarious, all rolled into one.

Q. Midwifery is very practical and hands on with a number of hours required for the USQ course, how are you finding clinical placement?

I am thoroughly enjoying my placement. I am very well supported in my hospital and have learnt so much from all the midwives who I work with. I am very well supported by my Clinical Facilitator and my NUM and feel very fortunate to be learning from these experienced midwives. I am exhausted after my days at the hospital and go home buzzing with excitement and knowledge.

Q. On the theory side of things how are you finding the USQ course content?

The content is very relevant to the level in which we are at. Study can be overwhelming at times, but it’s important to be realistic with your expectation and prioritise. It is important to remember to use this theory component of the course to guide the practical component of the course.

Q. It was also mentioned you have a couple of children, how are you finding work life balance as a student, mum, partner, paid employment etc.

Being organised and prioritising is crucial. I have moments of exhaustion and moments of elation. Giving yourself days off is fundamental to ensuring you don’t burn out - it’s taken me six months to work this out!! I love that my children experience me working hard, studying and being passionate, but I am mindful of keeping the balance right and not forgetting what is most important.

Q. What would be your top five tips for students for 2018?

  • be realistic
  • be sensible
  • be humble
  • be amiable
  • be passionate.